Why You Need A Lounge Area at your Wedding

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Planning your wedding reception can be one of the most involved parts of the wedding planning process. Of course the ceremony is the all important element, but the reception is the place where you can add details and entertainment that will keep your guests amused and amazed. Come the evening, you want your dance floor to be a focal point, whether you’ve hire a DJ, band or singer. But if you have guests that are elderly or very little, you might also want to consider a wedding lounge.

A well designed wedding lounge will encourage guests who perhaps have two left feet, or are a little danced-out, to congregate and mingle. It’s a space where they can catch up with old friends, hang out with their other half, or just relax and watch everyone party the night away. Weddings can be long days, and your guests will appreciate somewhere comfortable to chill out instead of being stuck at the dinner table, or awkwardly standing by the bar on their probably-aching feet.

Below we’ve put together some ideas, from coffee tables to candles, with our hire options you can you create the perfect wedding lounge.

Decadent Gold

Rich gold details and an elegant duck egg sofa, perfect for your guests to relax and unwind in splendour

Summer Heat

For a summer or marquee wedding why not create an outdoor lounge with our gorgeous garden furniture

Baby Blush

One of the most classic and on trend looks of the season, why not opt for our delicate blush seating for a wedding lounge that’s beautiful and relaxed

We have some perfect options here at Charlotte Munro Weddings, from armchairs and loveseats, to full size sofas, coffee tables and more, browse our full range here.

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