Stepping Back from Weddings (Charlotte's Post)

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I’m writing this post with some trepidation, as in business its usual to keep up a business front, a persona. But I’ve made some rather big decisions of late and have decided it would be best to be open and honest about them.

I have decided to step away from Charlotte Munro Weddings and the wedding industry. Will it be forever? I don’t know, but it’s going to be for a while. For most that don’t know, I suffer from the Chronic Illness known as POTS, or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It’s a life long condition, and one that I was only correctly diagnosed with last year, I’ve had symptoms since I was 12. Unfortunately last year it took a turn for the worst and has left me unable to work, which threw up quite a few challenges and decisions that needed to be made.

I love working on our wonderful couple’s weddings, but unfortunately I’m not able to do everything I once did, and I’ve realised I need to take some time to put my health first. In that vein, Jillian, our Wedding Planning Manager has decided to take over the business full time. It will be her face you see and speak to from now on!

Image by Sanshine Photography

Image by Sanshine Photography

Jillian’s passion for weddings and event design is only matched by mine, and I’m very happy to be leaving our couples and the business in such good hands. I will still be around on social media ( and I’m sure I’ll pop my head into events and wedding shows from time to time!

I’m sure that Jillian has big plans for the business going forward and I’m very excited to see all of her future couples beautiful weddings!


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