Being Engaged as a Wedding Stylist


This weeks post is a bit of a more personal post, but completely wedding related, naturally! As some of you may know already, particularly if you follow me on Instagram, in January I myself got engaged! It was our 10 year anniversary (about time eh?) and we had planned a lovely get away in the centre of London, and it turned out to be one of the happiest days of my life.

I immediately had so many ideas for our wedding, and having worked in the wedding industry for over 5 years now I think people may have expected us to have the wedding all organised in a month. But 5 months on we actually haven't booked a thing, mostly because we're too busy working! Ironic that I'm so busy working in weddings I don't have time to plan my own! :D

I do have ideas though, venues I want us to visit, dress shops to go to, and lots of styling ideas. We know we don't want a big wedding, just relaxed and personal to us. I think the toughest challenge may be narrowing down all the different ideas I have into something cohesive and achievable, after all, just like everyone else we are on a budget!

I have a few quiet weeks coming up towards the end of July so am hoping we may be able to get started with venue visiting. I'm going to share bits of our wedding planning journey here, so keep an eye out over the next few months to see how a wedding stylist handles her own wedding!